Integration of automatic pressure pipes (rotary plates) made by LEFFER into the rental offers

Due to bigger machines and mast lengths, we registered an increased demand for automatic rotary plates. We decided to purchase LEFFER pressure pipes. They are equipped with remote control and battery-fed servo-motors for the interlocks.

They can be used with all common drilling device types without the necessity for conversions at the devices. The LEFFER-ADR make a valuable contribution to operate construction sites faster and with increased efficiency.

We are building again!

A new workshop hall sized 600 m², with social rooms, workshop office and assembler offices, is currently being built at our site in Hainichen. Once finished, we will be able to service the biggest drilling device of our rental fleet, the LIEBHERR LB36, regardless of weather conditions.

Our mechanics and welders will have modern working places for the repair and the reconditioning of our rental tools. The works will be facilitated by a craneway in the hall with a load capacity of 12.5 tons.

Denis Spielmann (leasing) and Jacqueline Schiffler(accounting) are granted power of attorney

In order to meet needs of the increased tasks and responsibilities, Denis Spielmann and Jacqueline Russ were granted power of attorney on 01 January 2017 to act on the behalf of our company. Their straightforward manner and fun attitude towards their work is an essential part of our company.

BWH/ TDS exhibits at the VöbuFair in Vienna

From 2-3 March 2017, BWH and the TDS division presented themselves at the VöbuFair in Austria. Many interesting conversations were had on topics ranging from the rental of our drilling rigs with the corresponding tools, tunnel construction tools and projects as well as the tools, replacement parts and expendable parts that we sell. Of particular interest for visitors to our stand were the displayed exhibits. The WAI water-powered down-the-hole-hammer has already proven its capabilities in ongoing projects. The Slangman probe installer is of particular interest for drilling companies that work in the field of geothermal energy and well construction.

Mayor Dieter Greysinger visits BWH

We were recently able to welcome the mayor of Hainichen, Dieter Greysinger, as well as Karin Brandt, the person responsible for business development. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting us and for the pleasant conversation. As a company, we appreciate the support and the uncomplicated and non-bureaucratic execution of all matters that were presented to city hall since we settled in the Hainichen commercial and industrial area in 2009. Both sides agree that this is an extremely successful and cooperative interaction that is beneficial to both parties. Since 2009, we have been able to create 15 new, stable and secure full-time positions. At least five additional positions will become available once the new 700 sq metre workshop hall with a social area is completed in 2017.

Welcome Jörg!

Jörg Heimann is a dedicated metal worker and new addition to our shop team. We need reinforcement in order to provide professional maintenance for our continuously growing tool and machinery park, as well as to carry out wear-and-tear repairs. Jörg Heimann has been working at BWH since 1 September 2016, and has already become a force to be reckoned with through his expertise and zeal. In his spare time, he loves old, functional East German MZ motorcycles!