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Drilling masts

We carry drilling masts in various sizes and designs that are manufactured by a Swedish company. This manufacturer is able to accommodate customers requests and due to many years of experience, produces very robust and reliable equipment (drilling masts are very popular in Sweden).

For blast holes, rotary drilling and pilling

Size: for excavators from 4 – 36 tons

Air- and water powered DTH hammer

Various designs and sizes (from 2”  to 30”) by Atlas Copco, Bulroc, Mincon and WAI.

Over the past years, I have had very good experiences with the water-driven hammer from WAI, as they have many advantages over the air hammer.

Firstly, the ground is not as affected by the escaping water because in comparison to air, water cannot be compressed and does not cause extensive washouts when outflowing.

Furthermore, the hole is cleaned by the water and doesn’t require cleaning after drilling (e.g. for grout curtains).

It doesn’t create dust, which is a particular advantage in tunnels and underground areas. Drilling in water - bearing mountains is easily possible. 

Another key advantage is the higher drilling performance, especially the deeper the boreholes are.

Last but not least, a major cost benefit is the operation of the hammer with a high pressure water pump, because they save over 80% of energy in comparison to a diesel compressor. 


Various layouts with different plug - in sockets including drill pipes and bits

Range of performance from 3300 – 33700 Nm

Rotary drilling systems/ jet grouting systems

Complete systems with rotary head, rotary head/ down the hole hammer combinations and double head for different applications.

Furthermore, complete equipment for 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase jet grouting as well as auger drilling and pile driving.

Roller bits

All sizes and types according to the IADC Code, short delivery times.

Innovation: roller bits with exchangeable roller elements.

Complete solutions for ground freezing, pipe umbrellas and anchor systems

Drilling systems, casings, drill rods etc. adapted to the respective parameters.

Equipment for steered (directional) drilling

We offer of the drilling tools as mud motors, jet plate/ slant - bits, rock drilling tools, stabilizers, x- overs etc., as well as the necessary measuring and control technology (measurement probes, steering systems, MWD – systems) and experienced experts/ operators.

The surveying technology is based on magnetic systems and different kinds of gyroscopes.

Basically, the magnetic systems are based on the detection of an electromagnetic field, which can give the actual position of the borehole as a xyz – coordinate.

Different setups of the systems are feasible in order to the respective application.

With our partner we can offer you the full package for steered drilling in soft and hard ground.

I have gathered a lot of experiences with directional drilling over the last six years and would like to see an increased application of these processes in building tunnels and ground engineering.

Core drilling equipment

Single tube core barrel B, double tube core barrels T2, T6, T6S, triple tube core barrels NV3, PV3 as well as wireline core barrel Geobor S, AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ.

Drill rods, drill pipes, casing tubes

All sizes and types including crossovers, stabilizers etc.

Fishing Tools

Overshot tools (fishing bell), taper taps (fishing pin, retrievable anchor stock etc.) as well as casing scraper and milling tool.

Grouting pumps

Depending on requirements, various configurations and power levels are available:

Grouting pumps/ -containers:   up to 103 l/min or 100 bar

Pump stations: up to 860 l/min or 80 bar

High pressure pump stations/ -containers:   up to 600 l/min or 245 bar

Mixing units: up to 500 l/min

Stirring stations: up to 6000 l

Screw conveyors

Data logging/ - recording: pressure-/ quantity and flow rate/ quantity

Tunnelling – grouting systems

Mud pumps

Mortar mixing pumps

High pressure water pumps

Available for the operation of water - powered “WASSARA” DTH with diesel or electric engines. Performance output up to 720 l/min and 200 bar.


All sizes and types for down – the - hole hammer applications.

Tungsten carbide and steel

Round shank cutter bits in different sizes for hydraulic milling cutters.

Round shank cutter bits/ radial cutter in different sizes for mining.

Welding-, quick - change banks, welding teeth, flat teeth, dragon teeth, pilots, round shank cutter bits and teeth for diaphragm wall cutters in different sizes for special ground engineering and HDD – drilling.

Peeling knife, scraper etc. for TBM and tunnelling.

Weldable tungsten studs for all kinds of metal.

Grouting packer and well packer ( mining )

All sizes and types, also as redrillable version.

Hydraulic breakers

Range of performance from 135 kg to 4856 kg

Peristaltic pumps

Different sizes with pump capacity ranging from 15 to 70 m³/h

We also offer a wide range of additional equipment for tunnelling and special ground engineering.

We also offer a wide range of additional equipment for tunnelling and special ground engineering.

Please ask us. We would be happy to provide you for upcoming projects with a quotation or to advise you.

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